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Finally a Hair Salon Manhattan Can Love

The people of Manhattan are stylish; it does not matter whether they are out for work or play, they dress for success.  They know the importance of detail, and it radiates through them.  That is why having the best hair salon Manhattan can offer is so important.  No outfit, no person is complete without the hairstyle that makes them look and feel at their best every day.  If you are looking for a hair salon, Manhattan has the answer in Midtown’s Dazzle Hair Salon. 

Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan

This salon stands in Manhattan out from the crowd, just like you do.  They go above and beyond, just like you do.  And they love their job; hopefully you do too.  Even if you don’t, this salon still does.  The owners built up over 20 years of experience in Europe and then brought it to the heart of New York.  The clients at this salon are treated like guests, not customers, and many of them visit more than once a week.  Now, that says something.  And, the discerning and diverse clientele of Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan is where the stylists find the passion for their work. 

Finding Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan

Dazzle Hair Salon in Manhattan is truly found in the heart of it all, at 50 Third Avenue in Midtown East.  And it is no coincidence.  The owners appreciate that a quick blow dry is important before a big meeting.  They also know a new cut is just the thing to impress on the social scene.  So, they picked a convenient location and then complemented it with long service hours.  Whether you need a mid day retreat from the city or a late afternoon color, you can find it at Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan.

Asking for the Best Service at a Hair Salon? Manhattan Answers with Dazzle

When you look for a hair salon in Manhattan, you want someplace that offers more than just a monthly cut; you want someplace you can turn to for all your hair care needs.  You want someplace that welcomes you when you need something simple, and does the same when you want a complicated upsweep for an important event.  A full service range is not a luxury; it is a necessity.  And that is precisely what Dazzle provides its customers – a complete package.  Stop in for products, or treat your hair to a conditioning treatment when it starts to lose its pizzazz.  Whatever hair service you are looking for in a Hair Salon, Manhattan finally has the answer. 

Special Services at Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan

Dazzle really has an impressive range of standard services, but as with everything they do, they take it one step further.  Along with the best of the American brands, they import a number of products from Europe into their hair salon in Manhattan.  This includes an amazing range of coloring products not found anywhere else.  From intense color, to intense conditioning, Dazzle does it all.  Stylists are pleased to offer Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments to guests who need a bit of extra assistance in keeping their hair frizz free on the days they do not visit the salon.  This treatment can last for a few months by going straight to the hair cuticle.  You may not find it at every hair salon; Manhattan deserves the best, though, and Dazzle delivers it.

At Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan Clients Receive Free Consultations

Your hair is not just an accessory you can remove if it does not match.  Not every hair salon in Manhattan seems to understand this. Over at Dazzle, they really do get it.  They know that a change in hair style can be a big step; it needs to say something about you and where you are going in life.  It is important to get an understanding of what works and what does not as every guest is an individual.  Dazzle offers free consultations.  This way you will know in advance how long a treatment will take on your hair, how much it will cost and whether it will suitably frame your face, and your personality.  It is just one of the reasons Dazzle is the hair salon Manhattan clients trust.

Real Prices at Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan

It should not cost a lot of money to look your best, and it should not be something you can afford only when necessary.  Dazzle might just be the first hair salon in Manhattan to understand that quality can be affordable.  Take a look at the price list on their website.  You will find a good estimate of what a service will cost, and it may just delight you.  Of course, service is as individual as the clients who want them.  So if you have a question, do not hesitate to pick up the phone.  The stylists are incredibly helpful.  If you want a bit more detail, then schedule one of the free consultations at the hair salon Manhattan customers choose for real service and value.

New Customer Appreciation at Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan

This hair salon in Manhattan really does go out of its way to welcome customers to its chairs.  New customers are treated to extra special hospitality by way of a coupon discount.  Simply head to their website to print out the coupon for 10% off your first service and then schedule your appointment.  You will be treated to amazing service and a discount.  How nice is that for the hair salon Manhattan considers as its best?

More information on Dazzle Hair Salon and its services is available online at  Click on the service tab for a price list, and then click on the specials tab to print your coupon for 10% off at Dazzle Hair Salon, Manhattan. 

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