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Finally a Hair Salon Midtown Clients Love

At Dazzle Hair Salon in Midtown, we know that a good haircut can make all the difference.  We feel the same about our color and texture services.  In fact, we are just passionate about hair.  Well, that, and customer service.  We know that if you work and play in Manhattan that you are doing both as hard as you can.  We like to think of ourselves as a little oasis away from all of that.  So if you are looking for a bit of a retreat in a hair salon, Midtown is the place where you will find us. 

Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown

At Dazzle, we draw on over 20 years of European experience.  It has taught us a thing or two about customer service.  We take pride in caring for our clients, and we love making them feel at home in our space.  Perhaps that is why so many of our clients come back so often.  Sometimes we even see them more than once a week.  We also know that the discerning customers to be found in Manhattan come from varied backgrounds, so we are well versed in all styles and techniques.  So if you are looking for a quality hair salon, Midtown Manhattan is exactly the place to be.

Finding Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown

We did not pick the location of our hair salon in Midtown by accident; we chose it because it is convenient for our customers to schedule their appointments between a busy day at the office, and even busier nights on the town.  Adding to the fabulous location, we threw in excellent hours.  We are open every day of the week and into the evening.  We love what we do, so we like to make it easy for our customers to get to us.  If you have been looking for the best hair salon Midtown can offer, isn’t it time you came to see us?

Asking for the Best Service at a Hair Salon? Midtown Answers with Dazzle

If you are looking for just a cut, we can help you.  If you want a simple blow dry in the morning, we can do that too.  Of course, if you are looking for the most amazing color or texture work to be found at a hair salon in Midtown, well, that is what we really pride ourselves on.  We simply do not see the point in providing only a half service.  Our customers know that if it has to do with hair, then we love to do it.  So whether you need a conditioning treatment, or you want something special for an important event, we can make that happen for you.  We like being the hair salon Midtown turns to for all of its hair requirements.

Special Services at Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown

We do not stop at the regular offerings you will find at other salons.  We enjoy the continual improvement of our services.  You will see that in the products we use.  In addition to the best American products, we have also turned to our European contacts and brought in the very best that continent has to offer, as well.  In addition, the colors you can find readily available, we also bring you the best from the centers of European fashion.  To that, we add our Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments.  This new service removes the frizz from your life for several weeks at a time.  Even though we will not see you as much, it is one of the things we offer in our hair salon, Midtown deserves it.

At Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown Clients Receive Free Consultations

We invite all customers to visit us at our hair salon in Midtown for a free consultation.  We think it is important because how your hair looks is paramount.  A change in your style or color is a big decision.  We think it is important to talk it through with a stylist before embarking on the change.  This will enable you to develop a feeling of the process, the time needed and the price.  If you are looking for a new stylist, well, we think that as big a change too. We would love to see you in our chairs before you make the commitment.  After all, it is a personal service we provide, and you deserve to be comfortable with your choices at Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown.

Real Prices at Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown

We know our service, and our style could demand higher prices, but we like to keep them as low as we can.  This means we will get to see you more often.  Plus, it seems almost unfair somehow to charge heavy prices for something we truly love doing.  We have a price list available on our website, but we know that what goes into creating the perfect style is as individual as the heads we transform.  For the best estimate, call us to set up your free consultation.  We are happy to walk you through every step.  Dazzle aims truly to be the service and hair salon Midtown customers want to return to time and time again.

New Customers Welcome at Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown

If you have never been to our salon before, we encourage you to make the change.  We think you will never look back.  But because we know it may be a big leap for you to leave your old salon, no matter how inconveniently located they are, we offer all first time guests an extra discount.  You will get 10% off your first service, and we will get the satisfaction of making you look your best.  Just print out the coupon from our website and bring it to your first appointment at Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown, Manhattan. 

If you want more information on our salon and our services, or if you simply want to print out your 10% discount coupon, visit us as  You will be able to check out our fabulous prices and the full contact details for Dazzle Hair Salon, Midtown. 

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