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Looking for the Best Manhattan Hair Salon?  Murray Hill Answers

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of the city, and dressed for success, but without the perfect hair cut to top it off.  In Manhattan, possibly more than anywhere else in the world, how you present yourself is important.  The good news is that there is finally a hair salon in Murray Hill that understands this.  With Dazzle Hair Salon, Murray Hill answers Manhattan’s need for the best hair services in the city.

About Dazzle Hair Salon, Murray Hill

The owners of Dazzle Hair Salon in Murray Hill are committed to what they do.  It is evident when you walk in the door and gaze at the beautiful styles being created in front of you.  It is even more apparent when you relax into your chair and have the dame being done to you.  The owners have over twenty years of European experience.  And, when they moved to Manhattan, they brought that with them.  Now they insist upon it with every one of the stylists who will offer you a chair.  If customers regard Dazzle as the best hair salon; Murray Hill is just as pleased to offer Manhattan this high end salon. 

Looking for Manhattan’s Best Hair Salon? Murray Hill Is Where You Will Find It

When the owners moved to New York, they desired a location at the heart of it all that they could turn into an oasis.  They found that their hair salon in Murray Hill is the best place to serve their busy clients.  To make it even more convenient, they opted for business hours that extend into the evening.  As a result, you will see customers enjoying an upsweep before an evening engagement.  You will also see executives popping in for a blow dry before an important presentation.  So, if you are looking for a conveniently located hair salon, Murray Hill holds Manhattan’s answer.

For Real Service at a Hair Salon, Murray Hill Offers Manhattan Customers Dazzle

A convenient location for a hair salon in Murray Hill is nothing without a full service list.  After all, it does you no good to have a great salon, if all you can get is a hair cut in the middle of the week.  The stylists at Dazzle are all professionals, and they provide their clientele with everything from a simple blow dry to expert color and texture services.  Whether your needs are big or small, they are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure you look your best when you step out from their oasis and back into the city.  Manhattan customers have been searching for just this hair salon, Murray Hill provided the answer.

Find Extra Services at Dazzle Hair Salon, Murray Hill

If you are looking for something extra special, Dazzle is the place to find it.  When stocking their product and color lines, they did not stop at the best the local market had to offer, though you will certainly find that at Dazzle Hair Salon in Murray Hill.  They also turned to their European connections to bring Manhattan the best from the global market, as well.  In addition to these amazing color ranges, they also offer expert Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment.  This texture enhancing treatment offers deep conditioning and can last for a few weeks, so that frizzy hair is under control in between visits to the salon.  If this sounds like an amazing offering for a hair salon, Murray Hill customers actually should be treated to no less.

Free Consultation at Dazzle Hair Salon, Murray Hill

Choosing a stylist is a big decision.  Clients need to feel comfortable with the person they trust to make them look their best.  Even after you get to know your Dazzle stylist, free consultations are always on offer at their hair salon in Murray Hill.  After all, a new look is a big commitment, especially when it needs to be versatile enough to move you from the boardroom to dinner parties.  This free consultation is something that you will not find everywhere.  But, the owners felt that if they were going to provide a great hair salon, Murray Hill customers deserve to receive the very best.

With Dazzle Hair Salon, Murray Hill Gets Price Relief (Yes, In Manhattan)

It may sound like this is just the type of hair salon in Murray Hill that charges a premium for their services, but this is as far from the truth as you can believe.  Dazzle hair salon provides all their services at real prices.  For them, having your hair done is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and they love doing it.  Their service is part of the reason customers return time and time again, their talent is another, and, of course, that is balanced by their amazing prices.  So, if you have been looking for Manhattan’s best hair salon, Murray Hill welcomes you.

New Customer? You Are Special At Dazzle Hair Salon, Murray Hill

If you have never been to Dazzle Hair Salon in Murray Hill before, you can get an extra special deal just by visiting their website before your appointment.  Simply print out the coupon for an extra 10% off your first service and head to the salon.  You may feel a little guilty for receiving such a great deal when you relax into their chairs, but this will not last long.  You will be too excited about your hair to remember the price. 

You can also find the price list, contact details and more information on the website.  So drop on by and you will see what a world class hair salon, Murray Hill style can do for you. 

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