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Successful people know that appearance plays a big role in how they are perceived by others.  This does not just mean having the perfect wardrobe for a job.  It means presenting yourself with care.  Your hair is not just an accessory; it uniquely defines you and your personality.  Caring for it is just as important as getting the right foods into your body.  If you are looking for the best of the hair salons in Midtown New York, than Dazzle is the right place for you.

Dazzle Outshines Other Hair Salons in Midtown, Manhattan

Dazzle has a unique blend of artistry and customer service; they have a passion for both.  It is something that truly sets them apart from the other hair salons in Midtown.  The owners have over twenty years of experience in Europe and demand only the best from their stylists.  Clients, regardless of the services they book are treated to a level of excellence, in both customer service and hair treatment.  In a Dazzle chair, clients can relax while allowing the city to hustle on its own.  Perhaps that is why Dazzle is known as the best of all the hair salons in Midtown, or the whole of Manhattan for that matter. 

Murray Hill Is Where You Will Find the Best of the Hair Salons in Midtown

The clientele at Dazzle will tell you that it is the only one of the hair salons in Manhattan that they escape to during a busy work day.  If you pop in a little later in the day, they will tell you it is the best place to transform your boardroom look into something a little more suitable for cocktails in the evening.  Why?  Because it is true.  Dazzle specifically chose its location so that it could provide its services to busy people.  Whether you are there to relax or you simply need to look your best for a presentation, the location is convenient, and so are the hours.  They stay open later than your office, so you can catch a haircut before heading home for the evening.  Rather than a rushing to outlying hair salons, in Midtown you can receive dedicated service in the heart of it all. 

Other Hair Salons in Midtown Cannot Compete with Dazzle’s Services

Dazzle offers a full range of services and products to its customers.  Whether you need a blow dry or a brand new color, you will find what you are looking for.  The stylists love working with hair, so whether you just need something easy to care for or you want something no one else can pull off as only you can, you will find this only at the best hair salons in Midtown.  Stylists are highly trained and professional, and they love bringing through the colors and textures you want your hair to have.  From highlights to luster restoring conditioning treatment, you will find it at Dazzle.  They strive to be the best of all the hair salons Midtown offers, and they succeed. 

Still Searching for Special Services at other Hair Salons in Midtown?

You can stop searching for the unique treatments your hair needs at the other hair salons in Midtown.  Dazzle exceeds expectations when it comes to providing the latest and most fashionable products and services on the market.  Working with their European connections, Dazzle imports products from the leading professional beauty lines in the world.  Of course, they also work with the best domestic products available on the market.  Stylists are also pleased to assist customers with difficult and frizzy hair.  Just try out the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment.  This long lasting conditioning product goes into the hair follicles virtually eliminating unwanted frizziness.  Not all of the hair salons in Midtown are this dedicated to bringing their clients the best. 

Can You Get Freebies at the Other Hair Salons in Midtown?

Dazzle offers its customers free consultations.  If you know exactly what you are looking for, this may not sound like much, but it is a big deal for hair salons in Midtown.  Changing your color, your style or even your stylist can change your entire appearance.  Decisions should not be made without knowing the effects they will have.  That is why the salon encourages all of its customers to take advantage of their free consultations.  Simply call for an appointment, and they will show you why they are the best of the hair salons in Midtown. 

Looking for the Best Prices at the Hair Salons in Midtown?

With customer service levels and the professional treatments available at Dazzle, you may just believe it carries a severe price tag.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Dazzle’s prices are better than the other hair salons in Midtown.  You may be wondering how they do it when other hair salons in Midtown cannot.  The truth is that they are simply passionate about what they do.  A price list is available online, but, every hairstyle and treatment is unique, so you may just want to schedule a consultation for the most accurate cost.  It is not something you will find at all the hair salons in Midtown, but Dazzle outshines the competition.

Not All Hair Salons in Midtown Welcome New Customers as Dazzle Does

If everyday low prices are not enough for you, then visit Dazzle’s website for a printable coupon to the best of the hair salons in Midtown Manhattan.  This coupon gives all new customers 10% off of their first service.  It is an incredible deal.  Once you fall back into one the Dazzle chairs, you may even feel a little guilty for using this special, but they will still encourage you to take advantage of it.  And, it is just one of the reasons they are so very different from the other hair salons in Midtown. 

You will find Dazzle online at  The website contains information on pricing and hours.  If you are in the neighborhood, then simply stop in at 590 Third Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan.  After you have had your first service, you will find yourself joining the ranks of happy customers at Dazzle, the best of all the hair salons in Midtown. 

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