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We’ve Got the Best of the Hair Salons, Midtown Loves Us

You cannot live or work in Manhattan and do it with half measures.  You have to do everything from top to bottom with a lot of style.  We can help you with that.  In fact, we love helping our clients with that.   We love making our customers look their best and feel their best, even in the middle of a busy work day.  That is why of all the places to put successful hair salons, Midtown was our choice.

Get to Know the Pick of the Hair Salons Midtown Offers

We stand out amongst hair salons in Midtown because we truly care about our customers.  It comes from over twenty years of European experience.  After we realized that the most discerning customers were to be found in Midtown, Manhattan, we were happy to move.  Once we did, we wanted to create an oasis away from it all.  Dazzle is the sort of place you can retreat to when you need a break from the city, and a great hairstyle.  That is why our customers find themselves at home in the best of the hair salons Midtown has to offer.

Looking for the Best Hair Salons? Midtown Answers with Dazzle

We love our location.  It is the perfect spot to provide our clients with the services they need, in the area they want hair salons in Midtown.  Although many of our customers schedule their appointments in the middle of the day as a way to escape the city, we also have evening hours.  This helps us to offer those customers who want to embrace the city at night the services they need to transform their look.  We do not think of ourselves the same as other hair salons, Midtown sees us differently to; they see Dazzle as a hair salon they trust.

Of all the Manhattan Hair Salons, Midtown Based Dazzle Provides the Best Service

Finding a hair salon where you can get a blow dry is not terribly difficult.  You may not even have much difficulty locating a salon that can give you a decent hair cut.  But if you are looking for hair salons in Midtown that offers a lot more than just the basics, then you need to find a salon that excels at color and texture treatments.  That is exactly what we are passionate about which you will see from our service offerings.  We think full service should mean exactly that.  Whether you come in to grab a product or you sit down for a treatment, full service is what you will get.  We love setting ourselves apart from the other hair salons; Midtown seems to like it, as well.

More than Ordinary Hair Salons, Midtown Shines with Dazzle

We knew long ago that we only wanted to offer the very best to our clients.  So we looked outside of the standard offerings for hair salons in Midtown.  One thing uniquely different about our salon is our color treatments.  When we found the best American products, we did not stop there.  Instead, we reached out to the European fashion market to bring Manhattan the best from around the globe.  We also provide Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments to Midtown Manhattan clients.  It is more than a deep conditioning treatment; this service will last long enough that will need to cut your hair before providing another of this frizz removing service.  It is one thing that sets us apart from other hair salons Midtown has on offer.

Looking For Hair Salons? Midtown Presents Free Consultations at Dazzle

Ever have the feeling that you are not terribly important in the eyes of one of your service providers?  It is not a nice sensation at all.  That is why we go out of our way to make sure you are happy with the service we provide.  One of the ways we ensure this is by offering free consultations.  This allows you to understand the cost and time implications of any of our services, but more importantly, what they will do for you as a person, not just a client.  A change in your hair style can be a big decision to make, and we know it.  If you are looking for the best hair salons Midtown offers, you can come to the right place.

Looking for the Best Priced Hair Salons? Midtown Wins It

We believe that real quality does not need to be expensive, even at hair salons in Midtown.  We keep the price of everything as low as we can.  Have a look at the price list on our website to see for yourself.  On the flip side, every lock of hair is as different as the person who owns it.  It is hard to come up with the final cost until you are in our chairs.  That is one reason we offer the free consultation.  This way you will reliably know what services and products will cost before you have them done.  If you have questions, feel free to give us a call, and we will see what we can do to answer them over the phone.  We are not like other hair salons; Midtown seems to love us though.   

Looking for New Hair Salons, Midtown Based Dazzle Will Welcome You

We love seeing new faces in our chairs, and we invite you to try out our amazing service if we have not seen you before.  We make it extra special by offering our new clients a 10% discount off the best prices to be found at hair salons in Midtown.  All you have to do is print out the coupon on our website, then bring it with you to your first appointment.  If you think that it is generous for hair salons, Midtown customers deserve it is our reply. 

Our website has all the information you are looking for, from our contact details and service hours to our price list.  Drop by to browse our full range of services or just to print out your money saving coupon.  You will be glad to make the switch to the elite of all the hair salons, Midtown offers.

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