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The Best Hair Salons Midtown East Offers

New Yorkers are serious about style.  It does not matter whether you are dressed for business or for a night out on the town, everyone wants to look their best.  But, even the best outfit can be enhanced with the perfect hair style.  Finding the right look is not as difficult as you think, you just need to work with professionals.  If you have been looking at different hair salons, Midtown East just happens to have the best in Manhattan.

Looking for the Best Manhattan Hair Salons?  Midtown East Has It

Dazzle Hair Salon in Manhattan offers a unique blend of artistry, experience and service offered at no other hair salons in Midtown East. This salon pulls on experience of over twenty years in the European market and delivers it straight to Midtown.  The diverse clientele at this salon know the best when they see it, and that may be where similarity between them ends.  Stylists at dazzle recognize the importance and individuality of each of their clients and help them to dazzle, each in their own way.  Customers looking for the best of the hair salons Midtown East can offer, will stop searching once they arrive at Dazzle. 

For Hair Salons, Midtown East Offers a Convenient Location

Dazzle Hair Salon, in Midtown East is conveniently located at 590 Third Avenue.  It provides a convenient location for anyone needing a quick blow dry before an important meeting.  It is also a great place to stop for the final touch before a special celebration.  This salon is open into the evening so there is time for a cut and color before heading home after a day’s work.  For the most convenient of hair salons, Midtown East is the place to stop and Dazzle is the oasis to find. 

Want the Best Services Hair Salons, Midtown East Can Offer?

Customers of Dazzle are treated to the widest range of services hair salons Midtown East can offer.  The stylists are all expertly trained across hair disciplines.  They are able to create the best style for all of their clients, regardless of the service booked.  Everything from a simple blow dry to high end conditioning treatments is on offer.  Whether it is a blow dry or a texture treatment, all services are performed with the highest skill found in any of the hair salons in Midtown East.  Dazzle customers are treated to the very best products available.  If you are looking for the best services found in the city’s hair salons; Midtown East answers confidently with Dazzle. 

Want Top End Services at Hair Salons? Midtown East has the Answer

Dazzle offers its clients special services.  In addition to the experience and training of our stylists, the salon works with only the best products on the market.  A number of the color treatments available at Dazzle are imported from Europe.  These are the same products used on and by professionals in the beauty industry in the fashion capitals of the world.  Stylists are also skilled at the new Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment, recently available on the market.  This treatment works at the roots of hair follicles to strengthen and rejuvenate hair.  The result is a long-lasting, remarkably frizz –free style that can last for a few months.  If you are looking for the best services offered by hair salons, Midtown East is the place to have your hair treated.

Looking for a Warm Reception at the Best Hair Salons Midtown East Offers

Not all hair salons in Midtown East are geared towards the customer service levels that Dazzle provides to its customers.  When it comes to something as personal as your hair, though, you need to be confident in your decisions and the stylist who is bringing them to life.  They understand that any change, whether it is from an old stylist to a new one, or as simple as taking a couple extra inches off, it is a big decision to make.  They make it easy to take the leap, regardless of the service you desire.  Dazzle offers its customers a free consultation.  Off all the city’s hair salons, Midtown East and its premier hair salon, Dazzle, takes customer service seriously. 

Pricing at Hair Salons: Midtown East is Less Expensive than You Think

Just because you want the best service and the products, does not mean you want to pay a fortune to get them at hair salons in Midtown East.  The stylists and owners of Dazzle know that quality service does not need to cost a fortune, and their pricing structure reflects that.  The salon and the people it employs just love what they do: helping their customers to look amazing.  So, they offer Midtown service at Midwest pricing.  All their services are priced competitively, though, every hairstyle is unique.  Prices listed on the website are guidelines, but if you want an idea of the cost of your service, call the best hair salon in Manhattan on (212) 922-3625.  The prices are low for services at hair salons, Midtown East especially. 

Specials for New Customers at Hair Salons? Midtown East Answers Affirmatively

New customers are welcome at Dazzle Hair Salon in Midtown East.  They take their new business as seriously as their repeat customers.  If you have been considering a change in hair salons, Midtown East based Dazzle invites you to try them out with a 10% discount?  All new customers are eligible for this discount on their first service.  Just head to their website and print out the coupon.  Dazzle stands above the other hair salons; Midtown East, meanwhile, provides an amazingly convenient backdrop for the services they render. 

For more information on Dazzle’s services, prices, or just to print out your new 10% off coupon, visit the salon online at  You will not find better service or style at any of the city’s other hair salons, Midtown East included. 

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